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Todd A. Walters
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2002 Make A Wish Champion...

13.56 lbs for a 2 fish Limit. Lunker (on left) was 7.45 lbs, and my personal best..

Click here for the results....


Welcome to my personal web site!




I have set up this web site to promote the sport of Bass Fishing in the Western/Central New York area. In this site I hope to help anglers become better at locating and catching Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. I have spent most of my life in Western New York and think that it is some of the best fishing in the world. Great Water is accessable throughout the entire state either with a Bass Boat, Canoe, or even from shore. Bass Fishing is a sport that is growing in TREMENDOUS strides. People are realizing that so much more goes into Bass Fishing than first appears, mentally and physically. It is the only competitive sport where another living creature (Bass) dictate how you are going to perform (well hunting also). Its a sport that you dont have to be Athletically inclined to perform well, and fish will most likely coopperate regardless or color, age, or sex. For the most part, using your instincts that were given to us at birth. It is an everchanging sport that has so many different factors that can change the course of action. I think that is why it is so addictive. It is the only sport that is neverending, always changing, and keeping you in touch with nature, and all that surrounds it.

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