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Todd A. Walters
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Todd A. Walters

Amherst, NY

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Tournament Bass Angler


Todd A. Walters

719 Millersport Hwy #1

Amherst, NY, 14226

(716) 310-5296





I am a tournament bass angler who resides in Amherst, New York, a suburb of Buffalo, New York. I am currently employed as a Corporate Recruiter with DeBellis & Catherine Assoc., a Buffalo based recruiting agency, specializing in the Insurance and Legal industries.


 I have been fishing tournaments for 8 years. During this time, I have established myself as a first class, and well respected tournament angler, winning many local and regional tournaments and awards. I currently fish 15-20 tournaments a year on the local and club level, and B.A.S.S. New York State Federation tournaments.


I also enjoy working promotional events and giving seminars to the general public. When the opportunity presents itself to promote the sport of bass fishing, I do all I can to help 




I currently belong to several bass fishing organizations, both on the national and local level. These include:

        The Bass Anglers Sportsman Society, National, 1989-present.

        The Niagara Frontier Bassmasters, Buffalo, NY, 1999-present.

        Western New York Bassmasters, Buffalo, NY, 1999 present.

        Stout Rod Bass Anglers of Niagara County, Buffalo, NY, 1992-1996, 1999-present.

        Operation Bass, National, 2001-present.


Sales experience:


I have several years experience in the fishing retail industry these include:

        Dicks Clothing and Sporting Goods, Sales Associate Fishing Department, 1990-1994.

        Chets Fishing and Hunting, Store Manager, 1994-1996, full time. 1999-present, part time.





Currently I am sponsored by Mister Twister / Mepps / Exude. I possess strong skills in angling consistency, salesmanship, marketing and public speaking. I am a dedicated, hard working and energetic individual, who takes pride in presenting myself professionally, even when fishing recreationally.


Currently, I am looking to establish additional, long-term relationships with other sponsors. I am very open on how I can best apply my skills to promoting products for potential sponsors. In exchange, the assistance of sponsorships will help defray my tournament-related expenses as I am working towards a full time career in the fishing industry.


Promotional events:


Over the years, I have participated in many consumer promotions and seminars, representing various organizations and sponsors. These Include:


Outdoor Sportsmans Expo

Representing Chets Fishing and Hunting, and Stout Rod Bass Anglers of Niagara County.


Triple S Sporting Supplies Dealer Show

Representing Chets Fishing and Hunting.


The Great Lakes Fishing and Hunting Expo

Representing Chets Fishing and Hunting, Mister Twister / Exude / Mepps, and Stout Rod Bass Anglers of Niagara County.


The Rochester Sportmans Show

                        Representing Mister Twister/ Exude, and Mepps


  Short Term Goals:


        Consistently elevate my performance in all Bass Fishing Tournaments.

        Promote sponsors products through seminars and promotional events.

        Establish mutually beneficial, long-term relationships, with sponsors.

        Qualify for the BFL regional tournament in 2002.

        Continue to promote the sport of bass fishing to the general public, through    educational seminars.


Long Term Goals:


        Maintain long-term relationships with sponsors.

        Continue to promote sponsors products through seminars and promotional events.

        Qualify for the BFL All American Tournament.

        Fish the Forrest Wood (FLW) tournament trail.

        Fish the Everstart Series tournament trail.

        Fish the B.A.S.S. tournament trail.

        Qualify for the state team through the B.A.S.S. state Federation.

        Educate the general public through the B.A.S.S. Fishing Techniques Seminars.

        To fish as a Professional Angler, full-time.


Other Interests:


In addition to being a tournament bass fisherman, I am an avid deer hunter, who enjoys being outdoors with nature. Other Hobbies include computers, reading (mostly bass fishing related material), most professional sports, and racing cars.


2001 Tournament Accomplishments:


        May 19  Lake Erie (early season, 1 fish), Eleventh place.

        June 24  Canandaigua Lake, First place.

        July 3  Erie Canal (evening), First place.

        July 8 Findley Lake, Second place.

        July 22 Erie Canal (evening) First place.

        July 28 Erie Canal, Fourth place.

        August 1 Erie Canal (evening), Fifth place.

        August 12 Honeoye Lake, First Place.

        August 15 Erie Canal (evening), Third place.

        August 26 Chautauqua Lake, Second Place.

        September 8 Lower Niagara River, Third Place

        September 9 Upper Niagara River, Fifth Place

        September 29,30 Silver Lake (club championship), First Place.  

        Previous Years; numerous tournament wins, locally and regionally.


2002 Tournament Accomplishments


        May 18th Lake Erie 2002 Make A Wish Champion (1st Place) 13.54 lbs (2 fish). 90 teams.

        May 18th Lake Erie 2002 Make A Wish Lunker 7.32lbs




My enthusiasm for the sport of bass fishing is immense, and real. I possess the promotional and fishing skills sponsors look for in a field staff angler and have proven I am able to use these skills effectively. My involvement with seminars, promotional events, club associations, etc., reveals my dedication and loyalty to the future of bass fishing and fishing in general. I will be a valuable asset to any sponsor within the industry.


If you, as the potential sponsor, would like to contact me, or require additional information, I can be reached during the day (9-5 e.s.t.) at 1(800) 349-8463, or in the evenings at 1 (716) 310-5296. I can also be reached, via e-mail, at


Thank you for taking the time to review the resume of Todd A. Walters.