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Stout Rod Bassers of Niagara County
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2001 Stout Rod Members

Tom Peltier, N.Tonawanda, NY
Mike Peltier, Clarence, NY
Bill Richner, N.Tonawanda, NY
Scott Sexton, Niagara Falls, NY
Darrin Schwenkbeck, Cheektowaga, NY
Dave Stahara Sr., Lackawanna, NY
Dave Stahara Jr., Lackawanna, NY
Mike Stillwell, N.Tonawanda, NY
Greg Fuchs, Cheektowaga, NY
Darryl Fuchs, Cheektowaga, NY
Todd Walters, Williamsville, NY
Tony Kutleck, Wheatfield, NY
Brad Brodnicki, Williamsville, NY
Dave Hromowyk
Mark Dexheimer, Sanborn, NY
Bob Felber, Depew, NY
Randy Felber, Amherst, NY
Rich Felber, Depew, NY
Bob Fleischman, N.Tonawanda, NY
Dan Hall, Tonawanda, NY
John Lloyd, N.Tonawanda, NY
Jerry Mante, N.Tonawanda, NY
Jerry Maerten, N.Tonawanda, NY
Dave Mathews, N.Tonawanda, NY
Art Palmer, Niagara Falls, NY


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